Decode the first signs of pregnancy

Nausea, tightness in the stomach, dizziness ... The symptoms are there and you wonderif you are pregnant. But they are all specific to the pregnant woman?

Your nipples have become much darker
Under the influence of the pregnancy hormone and largest irrigation, areolae of the breasts and vulva become darker. Small bumps on the areolas, the glands ofMontgomery, emerge more and have a darker color than usual.

Your breasts are very sensitive and recently, you can not sleep on your stomach
The hormonal change that occurs immediately after fertilization is swelling the glands inthe chest. This one takes the volume and becomes firmer giving you a feeling of painful tension.

The date of your period is over but traces of blood appear
In early pregnancy, such bleeding are possible, but talk to your doctor. However, nothing indicates that they are necessarily related to implantation of the egg in the uterus.

Cooking odors bother you
Many mothers are very sensitive to smells. It appears that nausea be a parade of the body so that pregnant women do not ingest things wrong during pregnancy: Readily perishable foods, like meat or fish, but also alcohol, coffee in large quantity orcigarettes. They are due to the pregnancy hormone hCG.

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